3 New Piano-Organ Duets for Advent & Christmas!


7 Easy-to-Sing Christmas Songs

There’s not much worse than seeing a packed church on Christmas and having 90% of the people just standing there…not singing! Realizing that you’re the one who chose the songs (that no one knows) is the absolute worst. I’ve been that person. So how do we keep Christmas worship fresh without creating a learning curve that […]

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Embrace Lent. Leave Worship Alone.

Many of my last week’s conversations with worship leaders have started with the question: What do we do? We want our community to engage with Lent, but our worship services aren’t set up for that.  My favorite quote by Mark Pierson, from The Art of Curating Worship, is “There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to […]

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How Will Your Lent Be Spent?

“What are you giving up for Lent this year?” Steve asked. After a brief hesitation and some quick thinking I replied, “Deep-fried foods. I love them so much! Too much. French fries, cheese sticks, mushrooms, pickles….mmm… Giving them up is a huge sacrifice. And that’s the point of Lent, right? Giving up something that’s important to […]

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