Why are we making music the work of the people?

  • We want to help you create worship gatherings that are active, participatory and collaborative. Not sit-and-soak. Not for someone else to do. But gatherings that are for all to take part in, contribute to and be fed by. In community.
  • The work of the people is the simple definition of liturgy. While not all churches celebrate the entire mass each week, each element of the liturgy is theologically rich and highly formational for worshipers. Embracing and participating in liturgy, and especially the eucharist (holy communion), help form us in our faith and prepare us live out that faith in all aspects of our lives.

worshipcurrent exists to:

  • be a multi-denominational collective that serves worship music ministry leaders
  • make liturgy, theology, & ancient Christian tradition accessible to today’s church
  • bring divided faith communities together in worship through music
  • provide musical resources which inspire creativity & collaboration in local faith communities

worshipcurrent believes:

  • in the eternal sovereignty & mystery of the Trinity: Creator, Savior, Sustainer (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
  • that Jesus Christ, true God & true man, died on a cross for the sin of the world, & his resurrection offers forgiveness to all
  • worship is the ultimate expression of our love and gratitude to God